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Structural Design

Visual Services

Designing and creating is who we are and ingrained in everything we do

Come to us when you need a one stop shop for your home, business and special project. Whether it is for interior design, custom set design, corporate event or private function, we can facilitate the concept plans, fabrication, sourcing and installation. We are industry professionals that will excite, energize and inspire you. Together we will create your perfect experience.

We are here to sit and listen to what you strive for and what you need visually. We will take all that information and develop a plan for your project. This includes an in-depth rendition of the visual plan and directive. We will give you an extensive detailed budget including all materials and tools needed.

Burly 7.png
Paper mache tree logs created by Aire Design

We have strong professional designers with skills in different mediums to create your vision. This includes cnc work, mill work, moulding, large format printing, welding, laser etc to create unique props and visuals that are tailored only for you. 

Sourcing and Buying

We have extensive knowledge of sourcing and purchasing including the managing and budget work involved. We have a wide network of useful contacts with other suppliers and specialist manufacturers. We are resourceful, adaptable and creative to facilitate your needs.


We are meticulous and detailed in our installation process. Understanding several different spaces, we utilize design fully to catch the eye. Our unique vision and ability to organize and run a crew offers new dimensions to your project. Let our team take the stress off of you and deliver what you have set out too do.

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85 Williams Street

Port Moody, B.C. V3H 3L1


Tel: 604-782-6235

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